Technical lead, Fullstack developer and Interim Technical recruiter.

I have more than 10 years experience leading and building products for small to medium size businesses and startups. I've created product teams, been a mentor, installed devops/project management and recruited ambitious developers.

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My Services

Figuring out how a contractor will work inside your business can at times be difficult, here's a comprehensive list of the services of which I can deliver on.

Frontend Development

I have a wealth of experience building the user interfaces for a variety of different applications primarily with React/Vue and Typescript. I'm well versed in creating pixel perfect responsive code that make's your product shine. No matter if you use redux or prefer something like RxJS I can help you mold a great user experience.

Bitvavo Homepage example site

Backend Development

I have lots of experience developing backend services in NodeJS with typescript alongside Apollo tooling or classical rest api services. I've already helped lots of companies to integrate payment solutions and deploy there applications into the cloud while being more efficient, performant and often at better cost.

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Technical Leadership

A product team is only as good as it's leadership, with me leading one of your teams you can be sure that your project is being managed by a steady hand. I can help to create, strategize and deliver on the key details of your project and optimise the growth of personnel within your organization.

Black canvas body with chrome zipper and key ring.

Interim Technical recruitment

As an interim technical recruiter for your company or team you can outsource all of the effort required in interviewing and ensuring that possible candidates are high quality and match the profile your looking for. Don't waste valuable developer time when you can use someone with a proven track record of hiring the best talent.

Black canvas body with chrome zipper and key ring.

Awesome UI

Frontend Development

I've worked on many projects over the years, from small brochure sites to large scale web applications, I'm confident I can help you with your next project.

Modern Frameworks with Typescript.
I have a wealth of experience working with React, Vue and Next and the surrounding ecosystem, building a great user experience is at the core of my frontend services.
Pixel Perfect Design.
Ensuring the design matches the code is a priority when I build a new component for my clients, the look and feel is as important as the code behind it.
User Experience Focused.
I build products and websites for people, not for search engines or robots, I ensure that the user experience is at the forefront of my mind when building a new product.
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Robust API development

Backend Development

Creating robust, secure and modern backend APIs that work in harmony with your frontend. I have experience working primarily with Node and Golang, providing traditional rest endpoints or graphql.

JS/TS based.
I can help you setup or extend the functionality of your Node or Go based backend services and provide guidance on best practices.
I have experience working with both SQL and NoSQL databases, if you use an ORM or write raw SQL, I can help boost productivity.
3rd party, party.
I can help with setting up 3rd party solutions like Stripe, Paypal, Auth0, Netlify Forms, Salesforce and much more.
Server or Serverless?
I can help you decide if a server or serverless solution is best for your project and help you get setup.
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People, Teams, Projects

Technical Leadership

I've been fortunate enough to experience building out teams, products and websites for some big companies and startups. Using this experience I can help lead your team to success.

People First.
My success in delivering large technical projects comes from building a team of smart and dedicated developers and motivating them to deliver on goals and having a fun time along the way.
Software projects can sometimes feel like castles built on sand, improving project practices such as correct project management and solid technical leadership save time and money.
Technical Accountability.
I've often been challenged with new concepts and non programing related tasks, I'm always happy to learn new things and take on new challenges and build this into my teams.
Get Stuff Done Attitude.
I'm a firm believer in getting things done, With a strong focus on delivery and a can do attitude I can help your team deliver on time and on budget.
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The Right People for the job

Interim Technical Recruitment

Save time and money by letting me interview and filter potential new hires for your company. Leverage years of actual development experience and hundreds of interviews for a excellent experience for you and your candidates.

Why not internal?
Often using a technical lead or senior developer to interview candidates can be a waste of time and money. Let your developers focus on what they do best, building your product.
Vision and Scaling.
I've helped scale a very small company to over 200 employees and conducted hundreds of interviews. I can help you scale your company and find the right people for the job.
Assessments and Code Reviews.
I can help you assess your current team and help you find the right people to fill the gaps. I can also help you with code reviews and producing unique technical assessments.
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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please fill out to talk about how I can fit into your next project.

Are you willing to learn X technology?
I'm passionate about technology learning in general and providing the overall scope of a project is not to far from my wheel house I'm generally happy to get stuck in and learn something new to accommodate my clients.
What is your hourly rate?
My hourly rate is ~$50 per hour, I'm happy to provide a fixed price for a project if you have a clear scope of work.
What is your availability?
I'm currently available for new projects, please contact me to discuss your requirements. I'm located in the EST timezone, but can accommodate most timezones.
What is your preferred tech stack?
I'm a big fan of the JAM stack, I love working with React, NextJS, TailwindCSS and Typescript. I'm also a big fan of AWS and serverless architecture.
What is your preferred method of contact?
I'm happy to chat via email, phone or video call, whatever works best for you.
What is your preferred payment method?
I prefer to be paid via bank transfer, but I'm happy to accept payment via PayPal or Stripe.
What is your preferred contract length?
I'm happy to work on a project for as long as you need me, I'm also happy to work on a retainer basis if you have ongoing work.
Which industries do you have experience in?
I've worked in a variety of industries, including finance, crypto, e-commerce, marketing, real estate and more.

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