Technical lead, Fullstack developer and Interim Technical recruiter.

I have more than 10 years experience leading and building products for small to medium size businesses and startups. I&aposve built product teams, been a mentor, installed devops/project management, recruited ambitious developers and got Sh*T done.


My Services

Figuring out how a contractor will work inside your business can at times be difficult, here&aposs a comprehensive list of the services of which I can deliver on.

Frontend Development

I have a wealth of experience building the user interfaces for a variety of different applications primarily with React/Vue and Typescript. I&aposm well versed in creating pixel perfect responsive code that make&aposs your product shine. No matter if you use redux or prefer something like RxJS I can help you mold a great user experience.

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Backend Development

I have lots of experience developing backend services in NodeJS with typescript alongside Apollo tooling or classical rest api services. I&aposve already helped lots of companies to integrate payment solutions and deploy there applications into the cloud while being more efficient, performant and often at better cost.

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Technical Leadership

A product team is only as good as it's leadership, with me leading one of your teams you can be sure that your project is being managed by a steady hand. I can help to create, strategize and deliver on the key details of your project and optimise the growth of personnel withing your organization.

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Interim Technical recruitment

As an interim technical recruiter for your company or team you can outsource all of the effort required in interviewing and ensuring that possible candidates are high quality and match the profile your looking for. Don&apost waste valuable developer time when you can use someone with a proven track record of hiring the best talent.

Black canvas body with chrome zipper and key ring.